It was the summer of 1997 and I purchased my first desktop computer; a Macintosh Quadra (upgraded from 4MB to 16MB of ram). I have been painting and sketching from a young boy, but at this point in my life I decided to get involved with graphic design. I purchased Photoshop and Pagemaker and with help from a very dear friend I stepped out on my journey of becoming a graphic designer. In 1999 as the internet was becoming a household item, I was intrigued about the whole idea of the world wide web so I purchased a book on web design and html. Later on CSS, PHP and then MEAN Full Stack Web Development. I have been developing websites since then and I spend most of my time designing websites or learning new technologies about web development.

Web Work

Sporties LLC

A mobile detailing company that was seeking to assist their customers schedule an appointment online and be sent a text and email after completion of said appointment.

Solid Rock

An independant ministry looking for a minimal yet dynamic look to their ministry with their new visiters in mind. Allowing them to get information at first glance.

Don C. Taylor

A private investigation company that needed to be brought up-to-date in appearance and also accessible content to its clients and ease of use in the backend.

Elegant Floors

A client with unique skill set, been in business for some time without a web presence, and because of their potential customers frequently asking where they could be found online.


Visual Identity

  • Letter head & Envelope design
  • Business card design
  • Brochure design

Web Design

  • Responsive Web design
  • Web app design
  • Banner ad design

Web Development

  • Custom E-commerce solutions
  • Custom WordPress websites
  • Custom HTML websites

Contact Me

If you need help with a graphic or web project, or just want to chat - get in touch!